McKinley For The Afternoon: April 16, 2005

  • Fine Dining At The Latitude 62
    Ever the adventure-seekers they are, my parents wanted to take an afternoon off of seeing Ari to go see a little bit of Alaska. My wonderfully generous friend Chris Hodel agreed to take us up for a little flight. We flew about 45 minutes in his 206 up to the Mt. McKinley area, spent 30 minutes flying around, then stopped in Talkeetna for a walk and dinner at the Latitude 62 Restaurant. The flight back to town was only about 35 minutes. We flew a few hundred feet above the river for the first half of it, then climbed into the proper airspace before entering the pattern to land at Merrill Field.

Eddie & Jen's Wedding Weekend, San Francisco

  • Father & Bride Approaching The Hupa
    Eddie & Jen's Wedding Weekend was special in many ways: seeing a dear friend formalize the best decision of his life, bringing Ari to the town where Yael and I met, and most of all, catching up with dear friends.

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Thanks for a moving tribute and reminder of 9-11, which revealed the worst aspects of humanity, and fortunately, also the best. Your pictures and words were part of the best.

It has been over a month since the anniversary of 9/11. We, your avid readers, are anxious to see new posts. Give us Ari! Tell us stories. Don't leave us stranded with old (however important) postings.

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