McKinley For The Afternoon: April 16, 2005

  • Fine Dining At The Latitude 62
    Ever the adventure-seekers they are, my parents wanted to take an afternoon off of seeing Ari to go see a little bit of Alaska. My wonderfully generous friend Chris Hodel agreed to take us up for a little flight. We flew about 45 minutes in his 206 up to the Mt. McKinley area, spent 30 minutes flying around, then stopped in Talkeetna for a walk and dinner at the Latitude 62 Restaurant. The flight back to town was only about 35 minutes. We flew a few hundred feet above the river for the first half of it, then climbed into the proper airspace before entering the pattern to land at Merrill Field.

Eddie & Jen's Wedding Weekend, San Francisco

  • Father & Bride Approaching The Hupa
    Eddie & Jen's Wedding Weekend was special in many ways: seeing a dear friend formalize the best decision of his life, bringing Ari to the town where Yael and I met, and most of all, catching up with dear friends.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Beautiful name and beautiful baby - although she didn't look too happy at first! But VERY content once that dinner bell rang! I'm so proud and happy for you!!!


Great News! The parents look pretty decent too

Congratulations! I am so excited for all of you! It looks like Mom, baby and Dad are all very content and happy. I look forward to meeting little Alana soon!
Much love,

Congratulations! We are so happy for you. Love, Emilia and John

Hey Bob,

What a wonderful news!! Congratulations to you and your family on this delightful addition to your family.

All the best,


Bob, Yael, Ari and Alana-
Mazel Tov! We are all so happy for you and wish you nothing but the best.
Dorie wanted to say that she misses her first boyfriend and glad he has a little sister to play with!

All our love,
Jennifer, Carl, Dorie (and Brady) Mittleman

just beautifull. thanks for sharing your life pics. i am moved. gbu. little alana not soo little anymore,right. a gift of god.

Compete, only for good, only against time.

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