McKinley For The Afternoon: April 16, 2005

  • Fine Dining At The Latitude 62
    Ever the adventure-seekers they are, my parents wanted to take an afternoon off of seeing Ari to go see a little bit of Alaska. My wonderfully generous friend Chris Hodel agreed to take us up for a little flight. We flew about 45 minutes in his 206 up to the Mt. McKinley area, spent 30 minutes flying around, then stopped in Talkeetna for a walk and dinner at the Latitude 62 Restaurant. The flight back to town was only about 35 minutes. We flew a few hundred feet above the river for the first half of it, then climbed into the proper airspace before entering the pattern to land at Merrill Field.

Eddie & Jen's Wedding Weekend, San Francisco

  • Father & Bride Approaching The Hupa
    Eddie & Jen's Wedding Weekend was special in many ways: seeing a dear friend formalize the best decision of his life, bringing Ari to the town where Yael and I met, and most of all, catching up with dear friends.

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What kind of "small petered" "POS" needs to kill a helpless, trusting animal? I love to shoot but I can't see killing an animal if you don't need to eat it.

So I guess you hate native americans and eskimos for hunting too?

That is sad. Hunt to eat, I am ok with that. Hunt when the animal is a threat to you or your family. But just killing for sport and trophy is sick.

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With respect :p, Hilton.

The tools to hunt bears are really expensive, so think it twice.

*I hope you all have a blessed day.

Preserving health by too severe a rule is a worrisome malady.

And how did it go undetected for many months under the nose of these men as they exchanged conversation that would ultimately shatter their lives?

One hunter can go in and kill a bear that hundreds of visitors spend upwards of $500 each to fly in and view all summer long.

Thousands of Alaska visitors photograph these bears every summer in the Park.

Many thanks for the article. I will have a link back to this information from our fresh blog. Thanks again.

We're fans of bear hunting! Here's a bear hunting photo: Bear Hunter

If you have any good hunting spots to recommend, let us know!

Sorry, forgot to add...

We agree, hunting in the preserve doesn't make any sense. It's like fishing in a barrel. While we seem to disagree about hunting in concept with the rest of the commenters, we can see your point.

I can't even imagine a man killing another creature, it's heartbreaking for me

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